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Unnao Pincode / Post Office Search (UNNAO, Uttar Pradesh)

Achalganj B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Aderuwa B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ahesa B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ajgain S.O 209831UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Akohari B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Akrampur B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Akwabad B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Alipur B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Aon B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Argoopur B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Arjunamau B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Asawar B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Asha Khera B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ashayash B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Asoha B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Aterdhani B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Atesuwa B.O 209831UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Atwabaik B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Auras B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bachhaauli B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Badarka B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Badhwa Kola B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ballapur B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Band Hamirpur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bangermau S.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Banigaon B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Banther B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bara S.O (Unnao) 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bardaha B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Barithana B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Baxer B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Behta Bhawani B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bether B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bhadohi B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bhagwant Nagar S.O 209864UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bhauli B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bhusandi B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bighapur S.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Birsinghpur B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Bisen Mau B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Byohani B.O 229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chainpur B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chamiyani S.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chamrauli B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chanden Pur B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chandpur Jhalaei B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chauper B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Chharihara B.O 229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Csa Colony S.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Darehata B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Deeh B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Devmay B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Devra Kalan B.O 209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dhani Khera B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dhanikhera B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dhankoli B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dhaura B.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dipwal B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dodiya Khera B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Drehata B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dubeypur B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Dundpur Jhthra B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Faridpur Katter B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ganga Ghat S.O 209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ganj Jalalabad B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ganj Moradabad S.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Garha Kola B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Gauraiya Kalan B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ghatampur B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Gulauli B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Gulriha B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Hafizabad B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Haraha B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Hariyapur B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Hasanganj S.O 229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Hedrabad B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Indemau B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Itauli B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jagatnagar B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jagatpur B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jaitipur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jamuka B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jawaher Nager S.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Jogo Kot B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kakehrwa B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kalwari B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kanchanpur B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kanjaura B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kanta Guljarpur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kantha B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kardaha B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Karowan B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Katehru B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kesar Ganj B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Khambhauli B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kharoli B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kodara Sandana B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kodra B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Korari Kalan B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kulaha Bagha B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kundenpur B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kursath B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Kusumbhi B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Laglesra B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Lohana B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Magarwara S.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Magraiyar B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mahesh Khera B.O 209864UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Majhgawa B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Majhgawan Sevak B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Makhi B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Malona B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Manjra Bhikhna B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mankapur B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Marhapur B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Maswasi B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Maula Bankipur B.O 229841UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Maurawan S.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mawai B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mawai Dhamiyan B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mehramau B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mirrikalan B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur Ajgaon B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Miyanganj B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mohan S.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mouddinpur B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Muktemau B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Mustafabad B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Narain Das Khera B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Nawai B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Nevalganj B.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Nibai B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Osaina B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Osiya B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Pakrakhurd B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Pali B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Panai Kalan B.O 209864UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Panhan B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Para B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Parenda B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Parsanda B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Pasakhera B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Patan S.O (Unnao) 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Patari B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Patiyara B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Pidna B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Pokhri B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Poora N Pansari B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Purthiyawa B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Purwa S.O 209825UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Qila S.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Raghurampur B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rainapur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Raipur Garhi (M) B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Raithana B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rajepur B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rampur B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ranipur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rasupur Bankiya B.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Raukarna B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rawal Kalan B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rithnai B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rujhai B.O 209865UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Rupau B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ruri Sadikpur B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
S.N.C. B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Safipur S.O 209871UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sagoli B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sagwar B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sahjani B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sahrawa B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sainta B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Saipur Sagaura B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Samadha B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Samadpur Hardas B.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sandana B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Saray Malkaadim B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sarosi B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sarwan B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sawaen B.O 209864UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Shadipur B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Tonda B.O 229881UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Shankerpur Sarai B.O 209861UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Shekh Pur Nari B.O 209862UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Shukla Khera B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sijni B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Singrosi B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sohramau B.O 209859UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sonic B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sorauli Khanpur B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sumerpur B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Sursaini B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Terha B.O 209863UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Thana B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Tikra B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Tisra B.O 209821UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Tiyar B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Udshah B.O 209870UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Ugoo B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Unchgaon Sani B.O 209827UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Unnao H.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Utmaanpur B.O 209868UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Vazidpur B.O 209867UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Vyoli Islamabad B.O 209869UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Yakoor B.O 209801UnnaoUttar Pradesh
Zamipur B.O 209866UnnaoUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.